Child Obesity

Children And Eating Disorders

You may not even be aware of the possibility, but your child may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Children’s eating disorders might include obesity in a child or anorexia without you even knowing it. Younger children often are too young to be aware of their behaviors or know what a disorder is, so you have to be on the look out for them.

To understand if your child might have an eating disorder, take a closer look at what your child eats during an entire week.

Notice the behaviors too. Does your child pile lots of food on the plate and then eat everything and ask for more every time? Does your child want very little and then only eats little nibbles? Does the child go straight for the bathroom after each meal? All of these signs could be an indication of an eating disorder that could be leading to obesity in a young child or anorexia in a child.

Do not just guess, talk with your child about eating disorders.

Your child may have a completely logical explanation. Perhaps the child ate a big lunch at school. Sometimes it is just a dislike for the food placed on the table. Things like this are easily remedied. Often just by talking to your child first, you might help fix the potential problems your child might not be aware can happen.

If you are concerned about eating disorders like obesity in a young child, bringing your child to a doctor is a good first step.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns. Your doctor can help you develop a plan to put your child on a nutritional diet and make sure your child gets enough exercise every day.

The battle against obesity in a child or anorexia in a child can be won.

It starts by setting a good example yourself by eating proper foods and getting plenty of exercise.

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