Child Obesity

Symptoms Of Child Obesity

Children can be prone to obesity simply from the choice of lifestyle we live in today.

With TV, video games, electronic toys and more, too many children sit inside the house all day instead of going outside and playing games to get enough exercise. How can you tell if your child is obese? Look for these symptoms of child obesity.

Nutrition - It is not just a matter of how much your child eats, it is what he or she eats that might lead to child obesity.

Does your child reach for an orange or for some candy? Do you allow your child to have dessert time any time of the day? Desserts can be great, but save those treats for after dinner. A constant choice of poor nutrition is a symptom of child obesity.

Lethargy – Is your child lacking the normal energy to get through twenty minutes of a physical activity?

Are nearly all of his or her activities centered on one spot in the house such as in front of the computer or the television? This may be one of the symptoms of child obesity. Your child may be lacking the proper vitamins he or she needs for energy and healthy growth.

Sleep - Does it seem like your child sleeps in all the time?

Does he or she lack the ability to get up early like he or she used to? Keep in mind that if your children are sleeping too much, it means they lack of energy. Again, this could mean they are lacking vitamins and nutrients normally gained from eating healthy foods. Sleeping constantly is another of the symptoms of child obesity.

These are only a few of symptoms of child obesity.

Talk to your child about the things they eat, at home and at school and when they are not around you. Do not stop buying the foods you both love, but start adding fruits and vegetables. It is just one way to help your child lead a long and healthy life.

The symptoms of child obesity can be caused by the same causes of adult obesity.

If your child is showing the symptoms of child obesity, they may be reflecting what they learned at home. Setting a good example of food choices and exercise yourself, may prevent you from ever seeing the symptoms of child obesity in your child.

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