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Worldwide child obesity is becoming a problem.

It can happen anywhere.

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Symptoms Of Child Obesity

Are you aware of the symptoms of child obesity?

Obesity In A Child - Identify It Now

Obesity in a child can be serious. It can cause or be

caused by serious medical problems like thyroid dysfunction or diabetes.

Alarming Statistics About Child Obesity In Australia

Some statistics about child obesity in Australia

According to the Australian government



Chilldren and Eating Disorders

You may not even be aware of the possibility, but

your child may be suffering from an eating disorder.

Thyroid Disfunction In Children

If you suspect a thyroid dysfunction in your child,

make sure to get the child to the doctor right away.

Statistics Of Child Obesity

Statistics gathered by use of clinical studies and

trials show that for the past 30 years...

Child Obesity In Australia

Just as childhood obesity is increasing worldwide,

child obesity in Australia also has increased.

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